How do I? …

… switch between address and coordinates?

Address mode can be switched with the help of a long press. In this app three modes are provided – automatic address defining, manual address defining and display of the current coordinates. To choose the necessary mode you should make a long press on the address line until the needed mode is activated.

… reset maximal speed?

To reset maximal speed you need to tap Switchboard and press the button Reset MAX Speed.

… switch on/off warnings?

Tap Switchboard and press Speed Edge OFF.

… switch on/off sound?

Tap Switchboard and press Alarm Sound OFF.

… switch from mph to km/h and vice versa?

  1. Tap Switchboard and choose the necessary speed units with the corresponding button.
  2. Open the menu, choose Preferences -> Units -> Speed units and choose the necessary unit from the list.

… reset meter?

If it’s possible to reset the meter then after tapping a small menu with the button “Reset” will appear (automatic meters such as the run for the week or for the month cannot be reset).