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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ulysse is still running in the background (by design — users can continue normal activities and have only a discreet speed display in the status bar).
To close Ulysse fully, click on main dial and “EXIT APP”.

When possible to reset the meter, then after tapping a small menu with the button ‘Reset’ will appear (automatic meters such as the run for the week or for the month cannot be reset)

Tap the Switchboard and press Alarm Sound OFF.

Tap the Switchboard and press Speed Edge OFF.

To reset maximal speed, tap on the main dial and press the button Reset MAX Speed.

Address mode can be switched with the help of a long press. In Ulysse, three modes are provided – automatic & manual address defining, plus display of the current coordinates. To choose the required mode – press and hold on the address line until it’s activated.

First of all please check that Background Mode is enabled – without this, Ulysse Speedometer will stop when another app starts. Next, start Google Maps. If you want to keep overlays on top of other apps, then add them to the list “Individual app settings”.
For more answers please read in-app Help or download help file in PDF format from our site: www.binary-toys.ch

Simply tap on the main speedo dial, select “Units/Alarms” and there you can select from mph, knots or, in your case, km/h. Or again from main speedo dial, select “Menu”-”Settings”-”Units”-”Speed Units” and make your choice.

Great idea! A button will be implemented for ‘Select All’ in the next release. Thanks.
LATEST: This has now been implemented in issued October 24 2014

Sure. Please switch off the ‘Speed Limits’ indication in the application settings to stop any limits indication. Enjoy!

Hey. Nice ride!
Any lag is a result of your phone’s hardware, which reports data only once per second—not from the app. To have a higher data reporting frequency, you need to use high-speed external GPS module—which reports speed and position 5 or 10 times per second!

Please go to the ‘Individual app settings’ selection in the ‘Overlays’ menu to place the Overlays in their required positions. Don’t forget that you can change their size and transparency too!.

DON’T PANIC! This app will NEVER make a call without your confirmation.
To make any call, you need to actively create a Direct Call shortcut in the COMM section—only then can you make a call directly.
Nobody understands why apps requiring a 100% physical user-activity for calling should have such permissions, but this is done by Google API design.

If this occurs (though very infrequently), please uninstall app, reinstall, and finally reboot—all will be fine!

There are two cases existing where you would need to import Trip Meters:

Migration from Free to Pro version

For importing the Meters, start a Ulysse Free version, then open the Trip Meters view (Menu->Trip Meters), and from this screen select its setting (top-right), and select Export meters. After doing this, close this Free version and start up the Pro, open Trip meters view, select Menu -> Import meters and all saved values will be added to meters in Pro version.

Migration to another device

Start Ulysse on the old device, then open the  Trip Meters view (Menu->Trip Meters), press Menu and select Export meters. All meters files will be saved on your SD card in folder “\binarytoys\meters”. Copy this “meters” folder to new device directly into the  “binarytoys” folder. If this folder doesn’t exist yet, then create it manually. After completing this, start Ulysse on the new device, open the Trip Meters view, select Menu->Import Meters—and all saved values will be added to meters on the new device.

Full screen mode is set on your device. Simply tap on the main speedo dial to activate the Switchboard then select Menu->Settings->Misc->Full Screen and uncheck the box. The screen size of Ulysse is now reduced to show your device’s status bar, along with its notifications.

It means that you programmed your Android device to use Ulysse as Home Application in Car Mode. To turn this option off, open system settings, choose Applications->Manage Applications->Ulysse Speedometer and press the button Clear Defaults.

To drive the most efficiently without breaking any traffic rules, a special Speed Limits implemention was developed for Ulysse. Via this technology, the application signals possible overspeed, allows absolutely zero distraction to one’s attention within dense city traffic. When the car gets to the lower edge limit (‘Min‘), the speedometer scale turns green – as in the shown image. The scale remains green until reaching the Speed Limit (‘Edge’). By exceeding this speed limit, the scale turns red, and will remain red until the speed exceeds the upper edge limit (‘Max’). In addition to this, you can set the individual sound signals for speed limits, as well as the ranges from Min to Edge, and from Edge to Max. Furthermore, you can set the sound signal for indicating the return of the speed to the ‘concrete’ limit. Having set the various sound signals, you can drive your car without distracting your attention onto Ulysse, thus avoiding speeding tickets. Initially, the speed limits – which are valid in most countries of Europe and the US – are preset in Ulysse. Two independent sets of limits for km/h and mph are supported. Each set can include up to ten limits, each of them containing values for Min, Max, Edge and Back speeds. The limits cannot overlap themselves (i.e., the max. value of the lower limit cannot be more than the min. value of the next limit). In most cases it is enough to change only the main value of the limit – Edge; the rest of the values will be set by the application automatically. Of course if you need to, you can change them individually.

Yep, Ulysse has no problems to work without an internet connection. The internet is used only for acquiring GPS assistance data (current positions of all GPS satellites in the sky). With this data , the phone’s GPS begins location detection very quickly after the start – approx. 5-10 secs. If an internet connection is not available, the first GPS startup may take a long time (up to several minutes) due to receiving data from satellites. As this data stays current for one or two days, by the next GPS start, it will be much faster. For testing purposes I use one phone with no SIM card; therefore no internet connection, but Ulysse works despite this without any problems – taking only the long wait on first startup.
But there is one little trick – start Ulysse when the opportunity of an internet connection is available, the GPS chip will quickly load actual assistance data lasting couple of days; all will then start faster when the internet is not available.

Ulysse uses a GPS-based compass; as opposed to magnetic-based – it works only when moving.
Although this may seem like a disadvantage, it is totally uninfluenced by metal and electromagnetic fields; two potential problems that can interfere with magnetic-based compasses working correctly inside a car.
If a high-quality dedicated magnetic-based compass app is required, please take a look and download our FREE Gizmos* app from Google Play.


*Our Gizmos app also has integrated: Bubble level; Clinometer; Magnetometer; Map view; Location/waypoint address; Location/waypoint exchange;

This can happen for several reasons:

  • a cold start – you didn’t use your phone GPS for several days or you moved very far away from the last place, where GPS was active. A cold start may take 10 minutes and more.
  • your phone can’t find enough satellites with known coordinates or a good signal level – due to being inside a building, tunnel, or somewhere without a clear view of the sky.
  • bad environment conditions (e.g., powerful UHF devices, a magnetic storm, special window-coatings) blocking airwave emissions.
  • please read the FAQ ‘It does not work on my Galaxy S2′

First of all you should be outside with an unobstructed view of the sky. Some users run Ulysse inside – where the device cannot receive a GPS signal – and are less than happy when it does not work. Nope. Ulysse won’t work (like every other GPS system) if it cannot get a reliable GPS signal.
So. Just go outside to enjoy our app!
Next, if you don’t use GPS regularly, it will take some time for downloading SAT position info. It is quite a slow process and may take several minutes. If your device is connected to the network, it will download GPS assistance data and acquire position info much faster. If you are one of our typical users using Ulysse every day, it will be ready only several seconds after startup .