Release is a pure maintenance release.

With the high fragmentation of Android devices — their HW, performance, and OS adaptations — it’s quite a challenge to test every change and modification made to any app. Even when everything works smoothly on our testing devices, something could fail on another device.

We have several testing services — making use of automated tests on real hardware. Some of these services provide hundreds of devices — connected to PCs. Unfortunately, not all of them have the level of intellect to thoroughly test Ulysse — they only run the app, simulate user’s taps on screen, that’s it! NO GPS activation, NO settings changes… NO ‘real’ work. But — at the very least — they test that the app launches without crashing and has no major compatibility issues.

“As for me, modern Android development looks more and more like old-time Windows development — when we had several dozen PCs in the test lab with different hardware combinations and having to run our apps in this zoo — hoping to find the really problematic combinations of HW and SW.”

Thanks go to everybody, who use—and thoroughly test—Ulysse on a daily basis around the World. Many want to share their experiences on video! — Please keep up the great work.
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