Yep, Ulysse has no problems to work without an internet connection. The internet is used only for acquiring GPS assistance data (current positions of all GPS satellites in the sky). With this data , the phone’s GPS begins location detection very quickly after the start – approx. 5-10 secs. If an internet connection is not available, the first GPS startup may take a long time (up to several minutes) due to receiving data from satellites. As this data stays current for one or two days, by the next GPS start, it will be much faster. For testing purposes I use one phone with no SIM card; therefore no internet connection, but Ulysse works despite this without any problems – taking only the long wait on first startup.
But there is one little trick – start Ulysse when the opportunity of an internet connection is available, the GPS chip will quickly load actual assistance data lasting couple of days; all will then start faster when the internet is not available.