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Release – Maintenance

Thanks go to everybody, who use—and thoroughly test—Ulysse on a daily basis around the World. Many want to share their experiences on video! — Please keep up the great work.
Send us your YouTube links, and we’ll proudly display them!

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Welcome to ‘Track-on-Map’

From version 1.9.9, all your recorded tracks can be displayed directly in Ulysse Speedometer.

Select your track from list, tap on MAP and enter the ‘Track-on-Map’ view.

There’s one graph at the bottom of the screen display that’s shown permanently — the ‘Speed Chart’. Slide along this speed/time graph and see the corresponding point on the track […]

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Added Multi Window™ Support for Samsung Devices

Samsung provides a unique feature on their devices —Multi Window™. This feature allows you to have two or more apps on the screen at the same time — this can sometimes be very useful indeed!
So, we added multi-window functionality to our Ulysse Speedometer. Now, when using a Samsung phone, phablet or tablet — you […]

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“Any requests Ladies & Gentlemen?…”

Our developers are always thinking one step ahead; Ulysse V2 is already in the pipeline — and due for release in the coming months.
It’s sure gonna be packed with exciting new features — but here you have a chance of helping our developers implement that magic function that you would love to see included […]

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Don’t forget our social media!

If you would like to keep up with latest news on our flagship Ulysse Speedometer app, please follow us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You’ll find the links to these at the top and bottom of our website.
btw., please excuse the mess — our social media is currently under construction. ;-)
Thanks! […]

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Ulysser Media Required ASAP!

“Calling all Ulyssers around the world!”
Be the first to fill our media page with your videos, photos, and stories on how you use your Ulysse? Whether it’s the usual way in the car, van, train or bus on your way to work (…and there’s nothing wrong with that!). What about in your rickshaw, truck, […]

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Version 1.9.8 released

New Tracks list style
Easier to find, easier to manage.
Added tracks’ group export and delete operations.
Added tracks’ export function and send over email.
Added tracks’ export to KML.
New overlay controls
Added control over Overlays’ size and transparency.
Streamlined tracks recording control
Just tap on TRIP and select Record ON – no more need to go to Settings and set […]

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